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Zero 0.6

Hey, look! A new update to Zero and it’s not even a year since the last one. Progress!

Anyway, here’s a comprehensive list of all the changes in this latest version of Zero:

Version 0.6
+ Target .Net Framework 2.0.
+ AGD 4.2 Special Edition is bundled with the emulator (Jonathan Cauldwell).
+ Added Kempston Mouse emulation to Pentagon 128K.
+ Reworked sound emulation using DirectSound (thx to  Alex Makeev).
+ Removed all SlimDX dependencies.Using pure DirectX for rendering, sound and input now.
+ RZX Recording with ability to record over a period of sessions. And Rollback!
+ Moved Tape Deck icon back to main window (Arm73).
+ Changed default font for all windows to the system default font (except for special cases where Consolas is preferable)
+ Updated some icons.
+ Completely overhauled the debbuger UI (Arda, Chris Cowley).
+ Added Memory Execute breakpoint condition to debugger (Adler).
+ Added 48K Keyboard Viewer.
+ Load/Save Binary can now load/save data into any RAM page (for 128K and above).
+ Added ability to send keywords to editor via the 48K keyboard helper.
+ Added option to auto-load a program after download completion in Infoseek Wizard (everyone!).
+ Changed information in program details of Infoseek Wizard. Plus other dicking about with the UI, including full size screenshots.
* Flattened the icons on the emulator window to be consistent with the rest of the look.
* Turn off Auto Play/Stop if edge loading is disabled.
* Turn off tape even if Auto Play/Stop is enabled, if Stop is pressed on Tape Deck.
– Fixed on screen indicators not showing up in full screen mode.
– Fixed an annoying focus issue where the emulator would occassionally come to the foreground of any overlapping tool window when the mouse was moved over the emulator window (what a mouthful eh?).
– Fixed an issue with trapping of SAVEs from BASIC, wherein the user wasn’t being prompted a file to save to.
– Fixed +3 emulation bug (rotatrix demo now works properly).
– Fixed kempston joystick emulation for all models (ikci).
– Last session details are now stored in user profile path to comply with UAC guidelines.
– Trace and disassembly logs are now saved in user selected folders.
– Fixed exception when display settings where changed from Options in fullscreen mode (Scotty, Arm73).
– Fixed ULA Plus mode being disabled in 128K and above models (Arm73).
– Ignore re-triggered interrupts just after loading a SNApshot (karingal).

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