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Zero is the new Ziggy!

I have made available a new version of Zero (aka Ziggy) as a preview build 0.4.5. That is, the build is likely to have a few minor quibbles (like references to Ziggy still existing in the app 😉 ).

Basically, I’m looking for feedback on the various changes I’ve made to Zero including:
1) Better use of CPU cycles.
2) Emulator can be re-sized in 50% increments and is limited by the resolution of your monitor.
3) Three levels of borders can be set via the Options menu.
4) Zipped files are supported.
5) POK files are supported.
6) Various sundry visual changes.

For other changes see the What’s New text file.

1) Do not unzip this version to your installation folder! Instead unzip to a new folder location.

2) Since this isn’t a true stable release I haven’t bundled the SlimDX setup with this. If you’ve already installed SlimDX you don’t need to worry. If you haven’t, you’ll need to download the SlimDX runtime.

3) Your previous Ziggy version will remain untouched. Any extensions registered will still trigger the previous Ziggy version. To launch Zero you will have to navigate to the Zero folder you just unzipped these files to.

4) Zero has preliminary support for the 128ke model. By default this is the standard 128K model and should load most files including 48k games that didn’t work on the standard 128k machine. However, if you’re looking for 128k contention and accurate emulation you should switch to the 128K model from the machine selector. Zero will use the last selected 128k model from thereon.



Ziggy is a ZX Spectrum emulator written in C# on the .Net platform. It currently emulates the 48k and 128k models with a very high degree accuracy. The latest current version is 0.4.

Ziggy currently sports the following features:

* 100% accurate… oh ok then, highly accurate 48k and 128k emulation. Not kidding. 😉
* Support for both the beeper and multi-channel AY sound.
* DirectX and GDI support. Works best with DirectX though.
* Support for snapshots (sna, szx, z80) and tapes (pzx, tzx, tap, csw)
* Save screenshots from emulator in bmp, png, gif and jpeg format.
* Debugger with stepping facility.
* Tape browser with support for accelerated loading via various (read 2) means.
* Ability to run files from command line, drag and drop. If file associations are enabled,
double-clicking from explorer will launch Ziggy.
* Supports issue 2 keyboards, late timings and a host of other speccy idiosyncracies.
* Full screen mode.
* ULA Plus support.

It’s free to use and can be downloaded from any of the following links:
1. Yantragames
2. Google Sites

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