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Zero 0.4.6 – WoS Special!

The latest version 0.4.6 of Zero is finally available. Find available from the Download section.

Here’s what has changed from the previous version:

  • Switched to a more consistent set of icons.
  • Added display of information for standard data tape blocks.
  • Added Sound to options menu. Stereo/Mono, Enable AY for 48k options added.
  • Added Program Finder to allow downloading of programs, scans, docs etc directly from WoS archives.
  • Added Stereo ACB and ABC mode selection to Sound options.+ Added ability to play AY sound in 48k mode.
  • Added support for Spectrum 128ke.
  • Switched to Consolas as default font for Monitor. If font isn’t found on user machine, default font is used.
  • Fixed edge loading. Now faster and better and can handle most if not all tape loaders.
  • Fixed zoom level discrepancy (>50%)
  • Fixed data length displayed for standard data blocks
  • Fixed crash when a ROM couldn’t be located at startup and user tried to exit.
  • Fixed Spectrum 128k model incorrectly trying to load 128ke rom.
  • Some keyboard shortcuts have been moved around, noticeably for the window sizing functions (see ReadMe for details).
  • Fixed tape insert behaviour. Now, trying to insert a tape automatically ejects previous tape
  • Fixed crash when attempting to load a 128k tape in a 48k machine.
  • Fixed crash when the next button on tape browser is pressed repeatedly past end of tape.
  • Fixed Auto Rewind. Now tapes wrap around correctly.

As usual feedback, bug reports etc welcome!

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